Our Company

Axiom Private Tutoring was founded by Moseli Nkanyane, a graduate from one of the most distinguished universities in South Africa, the University of Witwatersrand (WITS). Moseli Nkanyane obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Computer Science and was one of the top students in his alumni group. Since founding the company in 2010, he has built a team of highly qualified tutors from the best universities in South Africa, who have tutored and mentored hundreds of students in primary, high school and tertiary institutions.

Our Mission

We are focused on assisting learners to better understand the course content and thereby be able to fully grasp and articulate the school syllabus and answer exam questions with confidence.

Our expertise, experience and knowledge of private tutoring enable us to give parents/guardians a peace of mind while they are unable to keep abreast of their children's academic progress due to pilling workloads and relentless deadlines.

Our Purpose

Our company tutors and mentors primary, high school and university students to excel in all subjects and increase their understanding of academic topics . We also do test and exam preparation. Our tutors conduct one-on-one, small group lessons at our office and at your home. We also provide tailor made result-driven group tutoring for schools. Our purpose is to provide measurable and result-focused tutoring while addressing specific challenges that students may have.

Our Tutors

We hire the best undergraduate and post-graduate University students from the best universities in South Africa, mainly from the University of the Witwatersrand. We select candidates with proficient knowledge in the subject they wish to tutor and they need to have achieved an A-level percentage for the subject they are to tutor. Here at Axiom Private Tutoring, we believe that a great tutor should have a passion for teaching skills and a superior grasp of the subjects of expertise. We are, therefore, very strict about who we choose as our employees. As a result our tutors have great communication skills, outstanding teaching abilities and most importantly they are able to impart knowledge quickly to students, explain concepts thoroughly and give clarity when needed with ease.

Director's Profile

Moseli Nkanyane - Founder of Axiom Private Tutoring & Axiom Digital companies.

Coming from a large family in Lesotho, Moseli wanted to set himself apart from the usual lifestyle that surrounded his home area and decided to work hard and diligently to make sure that this takes place.

He realised that he had an amazing understanding for mathematics and decided to make that his focus. But being in grade 11 without a teacher to guide him, the road ahead seemed very difficult. He decided to self-study for grade 11 as well as his grade 12 and managed to obtain outstanding results in mathematics for matriculation in 2004. During that period he started tutoring grade 11 and 12 pupils. In 2005 he needed to work, so he joined a construction company in South Africa so he could provide for his family back home in Lesotho. It was a difficult task but he persevered.

2006 was the year he got accepted into the University of Lesotho to study computer sciences and mathematics where he did amazingly well, obtaining distinctions for both first year and second year. He was also rated the best student in mathematics and computer sciences in his program with an overall average of 80%. That was when he started tutoring first year students in mathematics and programming.

In 2009 he got an opportunity to study Computer Sciences and Mathematics at WITS, and during his term there he performed well and received numerous awards for his hard work. During this time, he tutored matriculants and first year students, and also got an opportunity to make invaluable connections that would change his path forever.

In 2010 he met up with a friend and decided to start a tutoring company, and in this year Axiom Private Tutoring company was established in South Africa.

He returned to Lesotho to teach Mathematics at his high school and during his time teaching there he managed to raise the overall school's Mathematics pass rate from 20% to an excellent 100% for grade 12.

Truly tutoring and mentoring are his passion and he has proven that every young mind he comes into contact with can change for the better!

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