These are just some of the amazing results that Axiom Private Tutoring Company has achieved from several hundreds of students that has been tutored over the years. Tutoring children from Primary school and High schools alike, assisting University students through subjects like Advanced Mathematics, Statistics etc, as well as tutoring the children of major business men and women such as Thoko Mokgosi. To mention all of the achievements reached by Axiom's students would take a long time to get through.

Being the head boy at Voortrekker High School, Liam needed to set an example for his fellow peers. Already performing well at his school he needed assistance to maintain his good results, but instead of just having good results, with the tutoring and mentoring of Axiom Private Tutoring, he managed to increase his Mathematics mark by 40%, receiving 73% at year-end and as well as receiving four distinctions for various other subjects! He became one of the top achievers in his school and was proudly published in the local newspaper! Liam is currently studying Accounting Science at Wits University.

Liam Le Roux

Voortrekker High School

Lwazi needed help from Axiom Private Tutoring in the following subjects, Mathematics, English and Afrikaans, and with our assistance, Lwazi's English mark increased by 40%. His Afrikaans mark increase by 50% and his Mathematics mark increased from 30% to 70%. Amazing results indeed!

Lwazi Mosoue

Abbotts College(Senior High School)

Upon initial assessment in 2011, Shemonique was receiving average mark for her Maths mark. With help from Axiom, she managed to increase her year-end Matric result by 60%! Shemonique was published in the local newspaper for being one of the top achievers in her school and is currently studying Medical Sciences at Wits University.

Shemonique Lottering

Sunward Park High School

After being advised to drop to Math literacy by his school for receiving 40% and below, Kevin and his parents sought our help at Axiom Private Tutoring. He went on to increase his mark from 40% to 70% and thus was able to stay in the Pure Mathematics program. Kevin is currently studying Accounting at the University of Johannesburg andh is parents could not be more proud of their son.

Kevin Pooe

Christian Brothers College (CBC)

After joining Axiom Private Tutoring company, this set of siblings achieve damazing results. Arite, increased her mathematics mark by 80% and is gradually improving while still at school doing her grade 12. Arite is still maintaining a high average in mathematics. Gire received distinctions for mathematics paper 1 and paper 3, as well as advanced math's which she completed through Axiom Private Tutoring. Gire is completing her Medical degree at Wits University all made possible with the help of Axiom.

Gire Sekizenge and Arite Sekizenge

St. Stithians College

He shocked his teacher after strugglingfrom 21%, with an increase of 195% to 62% in Maths. He was 3rd highest in his Maths class.

Ahuna Mbambale

Primrose Technical High School - Grade 11

An awesome improvement in Physics, from 20% to 60%! That's an amazing 200% increase in Physics!

Zama Shangase

Sunward Park High School - Grade 11

Kaywin was receiving below 40% in his Grade 8 Mathematics marks. But due to the tutoring and mentorship of Axiom he has increased his Mathematics to 80%. His 1st term he obtained 86% in mathematics and he was one the best students in the whole Grade 10.

Chadwin Jacobs

Sunward High School

Since having met Kayleen in 2011, there has been a drastic change in her results. Upon the initial assessment Kayleen was receiving 40% as an average for her mathematics mark. With the assistance of Axiom Private Tutoring, she has improved from an average of 40% to an amazing 85% average. She also received 100% on several tests throughout her school career. Kayleen Matriculated in the top 4 of her school and received an average of 73% for all her subjects. She is currently studying her Bachelor of Science at the University of Pretoria.

Kayleen Jacobs

St. Catherine's High School

Tumi passed Grade 12 with Bachelor's Degree. She attained 74% in Maths and 64% in Science from a 50% average.

Tumi Maluleke

St Dominic's Catholic School for Girls, Boksburg

A huge improvement from scoring in the 30s. She was recently accepted at University of Johannesburg (BCom. Finance) after achieving 66% in her Maths finals. This was done with only two months of tutoring.

Ingrid Montja

Sunward Park High School - Grade 12

An astounding improvement from 15% to 57% in Maths in the 3rd term! That's a 280% increase!

Carlyn Jansen

Oosrand Secondary School - Grade 11

He used to score in the 50s. He achieved an amazing 90% average for Maths.

Tshepang Manaka

Germiston South Primary School - Grade 7

An awesome improvement in Physics, from 20% to 60%! That's an amazing 200% increase in Physics!

Zama Shangase

Sunward Park High School - Grade 11

Achieved a huge improvement from 58%. Kira got a distinction in her maths exam! Her Maths average is 76%. She is one of the top 15 learners for all subjects. She got an amazing 5 distinctions and she is ready for grade 9!

Kira Pillay

Sacred Heart College, Johannesburg - Grade 8

She has improved from 60% and maintained an awesome 80% average in Maths.

Thato Duiker

Roedean School, SA - Grade 8


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